Can you stand another ludicrous example of cancel culture? I know it’s getting tiresome to absorb all the outrageous stupidity from woke educators and brain-dead students, but documenting these abuses of rationality and logic is important. Some day, the woke establishment will be replaced. It’s important that people even more radical don’t take their places.

Cornell is an Ivy League university. That doesn’t mean as much as it did a couple of decades ago, but a degree still gets your foot in the door at a lot of white-shoe law firms and Fortune 500 companies.

Biology professor Randy Wayne frequently visited the school’s Kroch Library which houses Cornell’s rare manuscript collections. Prominently displayed in the library was a bust of Abraham Lincoln positioned in front of a bronze plaque of the Gettysburg Address.

Recently when Wayne visited the library, the bust and the plaque were gone. He was told by librarians that “someone complained” and the display was taken down.

Media relations director Rebecca Valli told Fox News 

President Lincoln’s bust was part of a temporary exhibit on the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. The bust was on display in the Rare and Manuscript Collections from 2013 to 2021.

But no one has stepped forward to explain why Professor Wayne, a frequent visitor to the library and a huge fan of the Gettysburg Address, didn’t notice that the display was removed in 2021. Nor was there any outcry at all in 2021 when the bust and plaque were supposedly removed.

New York Post:

Before Valli issued comment about the display to the media, Wayne had emailed Cornell’s president, Martha E. Pollack, on June 23 inquiring whether she was aware the display was removed and why, according to email correspondence reviewed by Fox News Digital. The email went unanswered until Tuesday, when a staffer from Pollack’s office responded, “President Pollack isn’t typically made aware of changes with exhibitions in the library, which I believe are decided upon by library staff.”

Wayne said he believes no one “has the whole story at this time” about the removed display, and emphasized the importance the Gettysburg Address has for him and his students.

“When I take my students to RMC each semester, I have one of them read the original in Lincoln’s hand. I am in tears each time I hear a student read those words,” Wayne told Fox News Digital.

Sounds like the woke administration realized they were about to see the crap hit the fan and backtracked. I would trust the librarian’s word on what happened before anyone in the PR or president’s office.

We shouldn’t be surprised if the bust and plaque aren’t returned to their original place before too long.

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