California Gov. Gavin Newsom is said to be among the Democrats who might run for the party’s nomination if Biden doesn’t seek a second term, and Newsom continues to try and appeal to his party by showing how ignorant (or dishonest) he is about guns — in this case an AR-15:

Dana Loesch leads things off by calling BS on Newsom and noticing something else as well:

The camera operator might not have appreciated that, but hey, who are we to question Newsom’s expertise in this area?

The absolute irony of lefties like Newsom talking about “gun safety” while serving as living, breathing examples of what not to do is overwhelming.

“Observe for yourself how dangerous this gun is as I shoot my camera operator in the crotch.”

And why would manufacturers market guns to people who aren’t old enough to buy them?

That about sums up Newsom.



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