If you had over 850 days of emergency powers in a state that wouldn’t bat an eyelash at a single one of your decrees, like Jay Inslee of Washington, you might start throwing down permanent edicts to suit your whims.

Permanent? As in, regardless of ever-changing health recommendations, the latest statistics on COVID-19, or any relevant scientific data?

Jay Inslee, wasn’t he one of those governors who was recently going on about bodily autonomy in response to the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade?

Yes, that was definitely Jay Inslee, who vowed that Washington State law enforcement will somehow be involved in the pro-abort rebellion.

There are actually Washington State residents who have had quite enough of Jay Inslee’s signature moves.

With so many ways to exert excessive control, it’s only natural to give COVID the continuous attention it deserves for providing the opportunity to seize the helm. Nevermind functions performed by state government that actually have some value for the citizens.

Surely, there is an edict or a magic wand that Sir Inslee can wave to fix everything if things get bad enough.

Governor Inslee does not seem concerned with winning any Washington citizens over for future election purposes. Is the Leftist hold on the state strong enough to perpetuate his iron grip on emergency powers?  Only time and another round of mail-in ballots will tell.

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