Joe Biden traveled to his weird little White House film set thing today to speak to governors about “access to reproductive health care,” aka access to moar abortions.

Biden opened with a bang. And by “bang,” we mean, of course, “faceplant”:

That’s our POTUS.

Maybe they were too busy praying that he wouldn’t say something even stupider.

If that’s the case, they didn’t get their wish:

Joe Biden sounds awfully confident that it’s gonna happen, despite having absolutely no evidence to support such an inflammatory claim.

It’s not gonna happen because it’s insane and Republicans aren’t calling for women seeking abortions to be charged as criminals.

Joe Biden is either a pathological liar or completely senile. To be honest, it’s most likely that he’s some unholy combination of both of those things.

One thing’s definitely for sure: Joe Biden doesn’t belong anywhere near the White House.

One of these days, Joe Biden’s rhetoric is going to get someone killed.

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