Lefties have made no secret of their outrage over some recent Supreme Court decisions that have upheld things like the First and Second Amendments, affirmed that there’s no constitutional right to abortion, and reminded Congress that they need to start taking their congressional responsibilities seriously if they want stuff to get done. But some lefties are a little more outraged than others.

And then there are lefties like Lauren Hough, a writer and author and, according to her, “extremely gay” person. Lauren took the Left’s outrage at SCOTUS and then dialed it up to 11. And then she multiplied that by 50 squillion. And the result was a rant so amazingly unhinged, you really have to see it yourselves to believe it.


Conservative SCOTUS Justices are worse than the 9/11 hijackers? Talk about a take that’s too hot to handle.

“I’m not being paranoid” says the person who is clearly out of her mind.

Does Lauren Hough know what hyperbole is? Because maybe if she reads that tweet back to herself enough times, she’ll realize that it is, in fact, brimming with hyperbole.

Boy, that was a hell of a ride, wasn’t it?

We have good news for you, Marie! Your husband and Lauren are both wrong. And not just wrong, but insanely, mind-numbingly wrong.

Not that we’re not entertained, mind you. Because we are. These meltdowns are nothing if not incredibly entertaining.

Burned it and salted the earth.

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