Remember when the Biden admin tweeted about how lucky we all were to save a whopping $0.16 cents on our July 4th cookouts last year? WHOOHOO! Sixteen whole cents.

Gosh golly and gee, we sure hope you all saved those $ 0.16 cents because we all know it’s way way way MORE expensive this year.

Think they’ll tell us how lucky we are again?

Twitter being Twitter, Biden’s tweet from last year is making the rounds today … in a YUGE way.

Even a year ago people thought this was stupid …


And wow, it’s far worse now that our cookouts are likely twice as much as they were last year. Can’t wait to see the fancy meme the White House sends out to tell us these sacrifices have to be made for the liberal world order.

There ya’ go.

Depends on what the words ‘still working’ mean.

Pretty damn bad.

We’re going to guess no, no they have NOT.



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