Rob Reiner realizes Democrats control the White House, Senate, and the House, right? You know, we are seeing so many ridiculous meltdowns from these people over SCOTUS rulings that MAKE SENSE if you understand their job is to you know, make sure the laws governing Americans are CONSTITUTIONAL.

Imagine thinking taking power away from federal agencies is authoritarian. People like Rob need to the government to tie his shoes for him.

You’ll see what we mean:

Rob. Dude.

Go outside.

Touch some grass.

That anyone takes this ‘Meathead’ seriously is nuts … but not as nuts as this paranoid tweet.

It’s crazy how upset they are when the court actually does its job.

It’s also crazy how racist they get over a Black SCOTUS but that’s another story.

Oh, that makes it worse for Rob.

For some warped, weird reason.

It’s all he knows.


And we all want him to STIFLE.

Especially with the White House talking about this new liberal world order … yup.



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