Despite attacks from the left —including a recent failed campaign to kick him off the faculty at George Washington University — Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is more influential than ever; he wrote the court’s opinion in a major gun rights case, and was the senior justice in Dobbs majority.

“The left has been after Clarence Thomas since December of 1980, really — just as he was about to join the Reagan administration. And they hate him,” Mark Paoletta told Fox News Digital. Paoletta was with the George H.W. Bush administration during Thomas’ confirmation.

“They’ve tried to destroy him. They’ve tried to marginalize him,” Paoletta said. “And 30 years later, he’s not just standing strong. His influence is at its zenith.”

From Fox News…

Conservatives, especially those frustrated with sometimes centrist rulings from Chief Justice John Roberts, have lauded Thomas as the keystone of the court’s conservative bloc this term. 

His most significant written opinion was the majority opinion in a New York gun case last month that was considered a major win for Second Amendment advocates. Perhaps his biggest win; however, was Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, in which the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. 

Thomas, Paoletta said, had been calling on the court to do that for decades. 

“He didn’t write it, but the court was heavily influenced by Justice Thomas, in my opinion, the current sort of majority, by the courage he has shown in his jurisprudence,” Paoletta said. “Justice Thomas has been writing about overturning Roe for 30 years.”

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