Progressives just aren’t very smart … if they were, they’d be Conservatives.

Oh, calm down person giving us a hate click, we’re just kidding.


Twitchy favorite The Gormogons put together a fairly exceptional thread explaining why we’re all seeing so many ridiculous tweets from Progressives about SCOTUS etc. by going into detail about how their little minds do (or don’t) work.

Take a gander:

At first, we weren’t sure we wanted to see how they think things are supposed to work, but they did such a good job with this thread.

Gosh, that sounds like a dictatorship.

No thanks.

Keep going.

You know, we’d laugh but there are definitely people out there who think like this. The same ones screeching about the FASCIST SCOTUS.


Everything is federalized. Scary.

FYI, this works.

Psh, just use this theory on any one of AOC’s tweets.

Trust us.



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