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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Eldrick never feels more alive than when he strolls into Waffle House brimming with the confidence that only freshly-applied Aqua Velva gives him.

I’m wrapping up a couple of delightful weeks in Michigan and heading back to my beloved Sonoran Desert to renew my summertime battle with the sun. For one day, my carbon footprint will be immense.

I apologize for nothing.

On Thursday, the Supreme Court that we on the right have been waiting for continued its progressive-triggering ways, this time by reining in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an unelected federal beast that has been running amok for far too long.

Stacey covered it for us:

On Thursday the Supreme Court handed down a ruling that will significantly curtail the power of executive agencies to control entire sectors of the economy through promulgating rules.

While some commentators view this decision narrowly as a determination of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ability to promulgate regulations to address climate change, in practice, it sets a precedent that will limit the ability of all executive agencies to make regulations that shift entire industries without specific congressional authority to do so.

According to legal expert Jonathan Turley, “it will be much more difficult for President Biden to order sweeping environmental changes without congressional approval” in the wake of this decision.

As Stacey wrote in a follow-up post, it was a nice victory in the battle for economic freedom.

Leftists in America love to yammer on about what the Founding Fathers (PATRIARCHY ALERT) couldn’t have envisioned when they were creating the framework for the United States of America. Even casual observers of American history know that Thomas Jefferson and Co. didn’t plan on the federal government being polluted by bloated agencies filled with unelected bureaucrats who bleed the life out of the taxpayers.

But AR-15s, or something.

The EPA really became an unchecked behemoth during the Obama years. The Lightbringer loved weaponizing his pet agencies with infusions of cash and new bodies to hinder the freedoms of law-abiding citizens in a variety of ways.

The ruling has the climate cultists in an all-too-predictable tizzy. In their telling of the story, a few coal plants in West Virginia are going to be responsible for Floaty the Polar Bear making his debut on the flooded streets of Manhattan.

Those of us who have lived long enough that we’re still waiting to die from global cooling and overpopulation are unmoved.

The progs in Congress couldn’t wait to prove that they should never be left in charge of anything. Twitchy shared this gem from Rashida Tlaib:

Only in the diseased mind of a Squad member could a curtailment of federal power be considered “fascist.”

Katie wrote a post over at Townhall showcasing more of the meltdown, including AOC’s rush to reaffirm her status as America’s Dumbest Bartender:

For far too long, members of Congress have been ceding legislative responsibility to the Executive branch. It’s a cowardly move that’s meant to shield them from too much vulnerability when running for re-election. Blaming the president is easier than defending their positions to constituents who may not be thrilled with them, after all.

While I can’t discount the possibility that both Tlaib and Squeaky are so monumentally stupid that they don’t understand the function of the Legislative branch, I suspect their outrage is mostly rooted in laziness. AOC would rather spend her time posting nonsensical screeds on social media rather than, you know, do work. That’s how she comes up with ideas like chucking everything out rather than showing up to the office and doing her damn job. The more extreme the position, the less likely she’ll have to act on it.

True, I do prefer it when Congress does nothing, but only when they don’t have the president doing something in their place. It’s time to have these people get back to being held electorally accountable for the laws that they foist on the American public, rather than punting everything to whoever happens to be occupying the Oval Office at the time.

Let AOC and the Squad she shares a brain cell with propose legislation that would burden American businesses and taxpayers with onerous regulations.

I suspect that they’ll all find that they’re extremely allergic to personal responsibility.

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