Yesterday, we told you about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ claim that the COVID vaccines were made with aborted children.

OK, so technically Justice Thomas never actually made such a claim, but it was just too good for the media to check before dropping everything else and running with it:

What consumers of the news really could’ve used right about then was a solid fact-check from a solid fact-checker. Like the Washington Post Fact Checker himself, Glenn Kessler. Who better than a guy in charge of a column that’s literally called “Fact Checker” to take a closer look at this false narrative and thoroughly debunk it?

As it turns out, it’s not actually all that hard to find someone better than Glenn Kessler. Because Glenn Kessler really sucks at fact-checking:

Like we said: too good to check. Even for a guy who gets paid to check stuff like this.

We’ll give Glenn some time to think about it.

In the meantime, maybe we can help him out with a few subtle hints.

What can they say? Their priorities are elsewhere:

Let’s just say we wouldn’t be remotely surprised if that were actually the case.

Mystery solved. Again.



It sure seems like Glenn Kessler’s just going to pretend he didn’t slime the Free Beacon’s accurate reporting on Biden crack pipes

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