Decades from now, people will remember where they were when Cassidy Hutchinson testified before the January 6 select committee, so damning was her testimony. She wasn’t actually in the presidential SUV on January 6, but somebody told her that President Donald Trump strangled a Secret Service agent and lunged for the steering wheel — this comes after a week of liberals posting video of Trump having to be escorted down a ramp at West Point.

Alec Baldwin, whom we haven’t heard from in a while, weighted in by tweeting, “what more do you need?” Trump tried to choke a Secret Service agent. When a Twitter rando reminded Baldwin that he’d shot a woman to death, Baldwin’s temper flared up (no surprise there) and he promised to track down “Mike” and make him apologize. “I’ll find you Mike,” he threatened.

Maybe CNN’s crack team that found the GIF-maker will lend a hand. Remember when Alec Baldwin had his own TV show? What was that on, MSNBC? Anyway, we’re getting off-topic. Back to finding Mike.

It looks like he deleted the tweet and then protected his account, which is a pretty beta-male thing to do.


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