Paranoia is running rampant as the Left’s response to recent US Supreme Court decisions continues with dramatic flair.  If SCOTUS can overturn something like Roe v Wade, what else do they have the power to do?

Progressive talk show host with a blue check launches his train of thought right off the rails with a long-winded conspiracy thread on how the Supreme Court could throw the 2024 election and mess things up for Joe Biden, even if he wins he popular vote and has a healthy Electoral College lead.

Things continue to spiral out of control from there. Guys, I don’t think he’s joking. Congratulations if you make it through the entire thread.

Plenty of panic and emotion and fear over the Electoral College was stirred up along the way.

None of the assumptions in a gloom & doom theory have to be true to make people fret & fear.

Things get a little crazy when the left thinks about losing any little bit of government control.

If you can’t see a clear path to victory, it is time to start plotting.

The Left is awfully concerned with the potential for stealing elections for a party that allegedly stole the last election. Why does it take a 51 tweet thread to tell your base the election isn’t looking good and they should get out and vote? Progressives excel in dramatic antics, and they will always have that to fall back on if their plans for total control are met with any resistance.

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