Before we get started, we’d like to mention that it’s Fourth of July weekend. And that means there’ll be plenty of American flags flying. And it was the New York Times editorial board’s Mara Gay who said that the dozens of American flags she saw on a trip to Long Island were “just disturbing.” “I was really disturbed,” she added. Her tweet was such a bomb that New York Times PR had to issue a statement saying her remarks were “irresponsibly taken out of context.”

So don’t be too hard on Mara Gay for this weekend’s hot take, in which she prophesizes the right to contraception (where is that in the Constitution?) might be the next to fall. Why? Because the movement has an insatiable desire to punish women who enjoy sex.

What? Weren’t Republicans opposed to Roe v. Wade because women were using abortion as a form of “contraception”? We’re all for the pill being made over-the-counter. Condoms are cheap and plentiful — maybe men who aren’t ready to be fathers could man up and buy a pack. Abstinence is good too. This idea that Republicans want to turn women into baby-making machines is just total crap.

Someone in the replies called this “RoeAnon” and they weren’t far off. Didn’t the Parental Rights in Education law give any clues that Republicans don’t care what you do in your bedroom and their kindergarteners don’t either?


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