You might remember when Disney got ahead of itself by trying to create some sort of controversy over the hiring of black actress Moses Ingram for the Disney+ series “Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

Bro, no one had said anything. IndieWire ran a story on Lucasfilm warning Ingram about racist “Star Wars” hate: It will “likely happen,” they predicted in advance.

Salon has a piece out about “The Fandom Menace,” toxic fandoms that inject “right-wing thinking” into pop-culture touchstones such as Marvel, “Star Wars,” and Disney.

Here’s a pretty lengthy excerpt, but it’s necessary to get the tone of the piece by Melanie McFarland across:

Regardless of how they identify, each is a cancer cell in a larger amorphous hate blob descended from Gamergate and Comicsgate, infecting the fandoms of the most ubiquitous entertainment franchises in the world – mainly Marvel, Star Wars and other Disney titles.

It’s also leaderless and therefore easily deniable, allowing it to proliferate in spaces designed to be escapist and unserious. Because of this, most journalist coverage of fantasy- or comic book-related TV and movies caters to consumers engaging with these shows and films in good faith, in the form of episodic analysis or the specific artistry informing its visuals and scripts.

This may be the reason that our coverage and condemnation of these hate eruptions has taken on a reflexive pattern, too. I’ve certainly been guilty of this in this publication and elsewhere: We report on the offense, quote the reactions of person being targeted and amplify the voices rallying to support them. We boost the notion that malignant actors within fandoms are limited to a small group that excels at being louder than the reasonable majority.

We report on the offense, even if the offense hasn’t happened yet.

This is a ridiculous and ridiculously long article by someone made that “Ms. Marvel,” a Disney+ show about a female Muslim superhero, has a 6.1 user review rating on IMDb. It’s obviously Islamophobia.


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