It is common for Americans who are familiar with the political situation in China to view Xi Jinping as the lifelong leader of the Chinese Communist Party. Dictators rarely give up power without a fight and considering he controls anyone who might be able to fight him, we see his position as permanent.

But that may not be the case. There have been rumblings and rumors in China that other party leaders aren’t happy with him and may be moving to replace him. This may be why they have adopted a new “Hard Fist” stance on “crime,” though as China Uncensored host Chris Chappell noted in the video below, the real criminals are the leaders of the police state that reigns over the people.

They’re Trying to Shut Us Down

Over the last several months, I’ve lost count of how many times the powers-that-be have tried to shut us down. They’ve sent hackers at us, forcing us to take extreme measures on web security. They sent attorneys after us, but thankfully we’re not easily intimidated by baseless accusations or threats. They’ve even gone so far as to make physical threats. Those can actually be a bit worrisome but Remington has me covered.

For us to continue to deliver the truth that Americans need to read and hear, we ask you, our amazing audience, for financial assistance. We just launched a GiveSendGo page to help us pay the bills. It’s brand new so don’t be discouraged by the lack of donations there. It’s a funny reality that the fewer the donations that have been made, the less likely people are willing to donate to it. One would think this is counterintuitive, but sometimes people are skeptical because they think that perhaps there’s a reason others haven’t been donating. In our situation, we’re just getting started so please don’t be shy if you have the means to help.

Thank you and God bless!

JD Rucker

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