It’s far too soon to tell how the 2024 presidential field will play out, but one thing’s for sure: Many on both sides of the aisle don’t expect President Biden to be on the ballot, either because he decides not to run or because his own party shows him the door.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and VP Kamala Harris on a list of possible candidates to run for president, and puts Harris in front in spite of all the media bias against her, or something:

Wait, “Governor DeathSantis” and his Covid and “Don’t Say Gay” hellscape of Florida have been the recipient of positive media profiles? We must have missed those.

Oh, he will.

We’d pay to see that!

It’s very likely that the Democrats are going to get blown out in the coming midterms, so if that happens we’ll see how much “media bias” is blamed.

We’re guessing that no, he hasn’t considered that. Simply showing how awful Harris is at what she’s doing is now considered “media bias”?

Good idea. Scarborough’s take probably won’t age very well.

Come on, media, it shouldn’t be too tough to do a few “positive profiles” on the greatest orator in modern U.S. political history:

Also, about the poll Scarborough cited in his thread…



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