Apparently Robert Reich decided to get his own personal Independence Day fireworks show started a day early. Impressively, though, despite the fact that his fireworks — as always — proved to be duds, he still managed to explode himself all over the place. Quite a feat.

Anyway, here’s how it happened: This year, Americans have found it increasingly difficult to not notice that everything’s a lot more expensive than it was at this same time last year. Those infamous $0.16-off hotdogs now cost more than ever, along with the watermelon and corn and potato salad and ground beef and bread and clothes and gas and cars.

And thanks in no small part to the rising prices and costs for basic goods and services, the Democratic Party is on track to lose pretty big in November and Joe Biden’s poll numbers are on a plummeting downward trajectory. So dear old Robert decided yesterday to try to do the Dems a solid and echo one of Joe Biden’s favorite narratives and blame GrEeDy CoRpOrAtIoNs for all of it:

“Inflation isn’t being driven by government spending.” OK, Robert.

It takes real talent to be so wrong so consistently about so many things. Robert Reich is a very, very talented man.

Is there really such thing as too shi**y when it comes to Robert Reich, though? He’s constantly finding new ways to lower that bar. And when it comes to his inflation take, he’s lowered that bar through the floor.

Substitute “anything and everything” for “macroeconomics” and you’ve got Robert Reich in a nutshell.

That’s the thing: Reich is either just a complete and utter moron, or he knows he’s lying and is content to deceive gullible liberals who literally don’t know any better. Either way, he should not be in a position to influence people.

He’s definitely proud. Or maybe “shameless” would be a  better word.

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