Independence Day weekend was apparently a pretty bloody one in Boston.

We’re not quite talking Chicago levels yet, but Boston appears to be giving it the old college try.

Anyway, what does the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office have to say about this? Basically that this is all the fault of states with less restrictive gun laws. Oh, and that it’s the Supreme Court’s fault, too, of course:

That statement raises an important question for the Suffolk County DA: “What, would you say, you do here?”

Talk about passing the buck. We suppose that it’s technically easier to blame everyone outside of your city for your city’s problems, but that doesn’t make any less ridiculous. What’s even the point of having any law enforcement at all if you’re just going to look for someone unrelated to blame every time violence breaks out?

Of course they don’t. Because they can’t. If they did, that would require admitting that their narrative has no actual leg to stand on.

That’s exactly what they’re going to do. We’re honestly kind of surprised that Kevin Hayden didn’t blame it on a Supreme Court decision that hasn’t even happened yet.

Anything to avoid any introspection. Anything to avoid taking any responsibility.

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