Locking Dave Rubin for sharing a screenshot of the tweet that got Jordan Peterson suspended.

Classy as ever, Twitter.

Dave seriously tore them a new one (shared by Karol Markowicz):

Our favorite part of this statement is, ‘… it is clear that they are breaking their fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders by letting a bunch of Woke activists run the company.’ They’ve been doing that for years, our only real hope is that Elon Musk gets in there and really changes things up.

Aka gets rid of the pervasive, twisted, self-imposed mental institution.

Oh, that’s right. Peterson was suspended for calling Elliot Page, Ellen Page.


We see people threatened daily on the right but you know, calling an actor who spent a long time as an actress their original name is far worse or something.

Twitter is stupid.

Fair question.

What ARE we doing here?

Perhaps this is their last big annoying HURRAH before Elon comes in and changes things?

Maybe not afraid, but they should be ashamed.



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