As Twitchy told you earlier, Dave Rubin has been locked for DARING to share Jordan Peterson’s tweet that got HIM locked as well. Apparently, it’s AOK to threaten people’s lives on the Right on Twitter, but you better not call Elliott Page by his old name.

Even though Elliot was Ellen for a long long long time and probably played one of the best pro-life roles EVER.

‘Juno’ is a great flick, just sayin’.

Ben Shapiro took Twitter apart and all but DARED them to lock him as well:

Very very very very male.


This all seems so ridiculous but we are talking about Twitter so we suppose it reads.

Twitter doesn’t like facts.

They like fiction.

Specifically, fiction that feeds their narrative. If you challenge that narrative they’ll lock you.

Or worse, suspend you.

Sounds fascist-y.

And sadly, all too possible.

Yeah, that was no man.

And she was actually a hero, but we digress.

You know there is.

Hoo boy.

We actually don’t know, ROFL.

Hey, these intersectional wokey politics are tough.

And now, we’re dead.

So, will they lock Ben for sharing Rubin’s tweet? Will they lock us for writing about Ben who tweeted about Dave who shared a screenshot from Jordan?

We’ll keep ya’ posted.



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