Earlier, we told you about Dave Rubin getting slapped with a Twitter suspension for … posting about Jordan Peterson getting suspended. Peterson’s crime, if you’ll recall, was “deadnaming” actor Elliott Page, who, until fairly recently, went by his birth name, Ellen Page.

Twitter is clearly very serious about cracking down on deadnaming (despite not punishing people until after after the fact). Twitter’s so serious about it, they’re apparently even cracking down on themselves. Here’s what was trending earlier:

And here’s what’s trending now:

Notably, if you scroll through the Trending list, “Ellen Page” is currently nowhere to be found. Good job, Twitter. You very nearly had to suspend yourselves!

Anyway, it’s been nothing short of fascinating to watch Twitter take swift action to protect Elliott Page from anyone who’d dare endanger his feelings while doing little to absolutely nothing to those who’d dare endanger Supreme Court Justices’ lives.

Twitchy regular Jay Caruso has noticed this as well:

Nice priorities you’ve got there, Twitter.

Recall that a man was arrested near Brett Kavanaugh’s house for an assassination attempt on Kavanaugh. As far as we know, that guy posed more of a threat to Kavanaugh than Jordan Peterson or Dave Rubin pose to Elliott Page.

It should be obvious to anyone what’s guiding Twitter’s thought police. It’s long past time for Twitter to just admit it already.

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