Can we agree that drug-addled whoremongers who are dripping in allegations of corruption being pictured alongside the President of the United States should at least raise some eyebrows?

During the Trump administration — and even long after — the Left mobilized their entire pseudo-informational apparatus against the former reality television star, hoping to undermine the Republican presidency through any means necessary.

This included a wide array of strategies, such as the colossal nothing-burger that was the Mueller report — which included the bizarre and unsubstantiated claim that Russian President Vladimir Putin was in possession of video footage which showed Trump “watching two prostitutes pee on a bed the Obamas supposedly slept in,” a story dozens of “serious” journalistic outlets decided to promulgate.

Of course, these strategies weren’t limited to the president alone — his family was also a target, albeit understandably given that most of them played a role in his administration. “Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. Could Go to Jail for Money Laundering If Steve Bannon Is Right,” Newsweek reported. “Eric Trump likes tweet calling Harris a sexist slur,” CNN noted. “Ivanka Trump used a personal email account to send hundreds of emails about government business last year,” The New York Times announced — Hillary Clinton was delighted to discover that the media suddenly cared about the security of government emails again…

Now, imagine that Donald Jr., Eric, or Ivanka had a history of well-documented drug use, as well as multiple allegations of crime and high-level corruption. You would likely presume that the mainstream media would be up in arms if, say, these children appeared on the White House balcony alongside the President of the United States to watch fireworks in celebration of Independence Day.

Well, that’s what Hunter Biden did on Monday, appearing with one of his five children (four if you follow the Biden family rule of not counting illegitimate offspring whose mothers are strippers) alongside Joe Biden, despite an ongoing federal investigation into Hunter Biden and his international “business deals.”

Hunter Biden was seen with his 2 year-old son Beau — named after Hunter’s late older brother who died from brain cancer in 2015, as Joe Biden will remind us whenever he wants to use pity as a shield.

In fact, Hunter Biden loved his dead brother so much, he jumped into bed with his widow, Hallie Biden, in 2016. They split up in 2019, while Hunter fathered an officially-unacknowledged child with a stripper in 2018. All while taking copious amounts of drugs, avoiding arguable gun charges, and spending tens of thousands of dollars on a Russian-linked prostitute ring — with daddy wiring a total of $100,000 to Hunter from December 2018 to January 2019.

Given Joe Biden’s supposed patriotism, you’d think Hunter Biden could have at least bought American!

And this is all while Hunter Biden’s infamous business finances continue to fall under the spotlight — albeit well after the 2020 election, when such revelations would have been far more damaging.

It’s certainly ridiculous to argue that Hunter Biden is a rare figure in D.C., given that shameless debauchery is practically a prerequisite for residence. Moreover, if Hunter Biden wants to split his time between hookers, prostitutes, and fathering illegitimate children, it’s a free country.

The issue is — as it always was — the fact that Hunter Biden has obvious ties to Joe Biden, and the mainstream media have shown very little interest in determining whether these ties involve pocket money to spend on Olga the Hairless, or any number of Hunter Biden’s overseas ventures.

And if they don’t really care about whether Joe Biden was the “Big Guy” who reportedly expected a cut of Hunter Biden’s deals, can we at least agree that drug-addled whoremongers who are dripping in allegations of corruption being pictured alongside the President of the United States should at least raise some eyebrows?

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