Michael Moore wants to give up his citizenship privileges because overturning Roe pushed abortion back to the states. Weird flex.

Oh, he’s super cranky with SCOTUS overturning New York’s unconstitutional gun law and removing the overreach of the EPA as well but c’mon man, really? Not that we care if he gives them up, but like, does he really think anyone will care?

Granted, we’re writing about him but only to mock him.

From Fox News:

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore posted a “declaration” to Substack Monday outlining his grievances with the United States in the wake of recent events, noting he has a “problem” because he is not planning to leave the country.

Moore shared his piece on Twitter with the caption, “A mass shooting to celebrate the 4th. A wealthy class that doubled its wealth while the country suffered. A Supreme Court that stripped 51% of our citizens of their reproductive rights while removing gun laws & killing the EPA.”

In his declaration, Moore recalled recent events at the Supreme Court, such as the court’s conservative majority decision to overturn the 1973 court ruling that legalized abortion, Roe v. Wade.

Knock yourself out there, Mikey.

Please note we did not make a food shortage joke here as a closer.

It would be a good way to end this piece but it’s super immature and stuff so we won’t make a joke about Moore leaving the country and suddenly there are no more worries about food being available.

See, super mature and stuff.



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