Bette Midler landed herself in some seriously hot water yesterday with this now-infamous tweet to the “WOMEN OF THE WORLD”:

It’s pretty safe to assume that it wasn’t her intention to piss off the woke Left. But she did, didn’t she?

So it’s also safe to assume that she’d try to find a way to atone for her sin. Maybe that’s what this tweet about 12 hours later was about:

Pivot to Ted Cruz! That’s the ticket!

Straight to the dunce chair, that is. Because — surprise! — the collection of screenshots is a collection of fakes. PolitiFact of all outlets has debunked the false narrative:

The tweet shows a wall of screenshots supposedly from Cruz’ Twitter account, with the most recent being about the Uvalde school shooting. Each tweet is almost exactly the same, with the exception of the location of the shooting, making it look like Cruz uses the same apologetic message for each tragedy.

A review of Cruz’ Twitter account shows that he has posted different messages following mass shootings. Many do follow similar patterns, with him and his wife offering prayers to the victims and their families, but the posts aren’t copied and pasted like the claim suggests.

We rate this claim False.


She’d have to have the requisite amount of shame first. And if you think she’s going to give up the clout chase and apologize, you’re wrong.



Twitter’s framing of Bette Midler’s unwoke tweet for women ‘is quite the phrase’

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