Why corporations see a need to adopt left-wing talking points as corporate policy is a great mystery of our time. I don’t know, maybe sometimes it works out. Other times it doesn’t: just ask the producers of Buzz Lightyear. Today’s heartwarming story comes from the U.K. via Australia, as my friend Rita Panahi comments on a major bank’s effort to jam gender ideology down the throats of its customers:

“Get woke, go broke” has been a mantra on the right. But it hasn’t always worked out that way. Some corporations are hard to avoid. Thus, for example, when Delta Airlines threw its weight behind the Democratic Party, I would have liked to take my business elsewhere. But, living where I do, there is no practical alternative–there is a reason why I am a million-mile Delta customer. Which is all the more reason why we normals, when we have the opportunity, need to vote with our pocketbooks.

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