Karine Jean-Pierre’s tenure as White House Press Secretary is already being written off as a disaster, but it isn’t entirely her fault. She doesn’t have much to work with.

One enduring problem for the Biden administration is the mass of electronic data that conventionally (and perhaps unfortunately) goes under the rubric of “Hunter Biden’s laptop.” The important point is not the laptop per se, but rather the fact that it contained extensive documentation of Joe Biden’s corrupt business dealings. Sure, they are generally referred to as Hunter’s business deals, but that is a fiction. No one ever bribed Hunter Biden, and no one was interested in cutting the pathetic crackhead Hunter in on a business transaction. Hunter had only one thing to sell–influence with his powerful father.

Despite these obvious facts, Joe Biden absurdly claimed that he had no knowledge of his son’s business affairs. I doubt that anyone ever believed that, but the position became harder to sustain when a voicemail left by Joe on Hunter’s phone came to light as the laptop data continue to be mined. Joe comments on a favorable story in the New York Times about a meeting between Hunter and the head of a Chinese energy company that could have caused trouble for Joe, and says he wants to talk with Hunter about it.

The voicemail has been out there for some days, and today a reporter asked Jean-Pierre about Biden’s denial of any awareness of Hunter’s business transactions in light of it:

The response is laughable. Biden’s minions began by denouncing the electronic data on the laptop as “Russian disinformation,” an obvious lie. Now his spokeswoman says she “cannot comment on any materials from the laptop.” Really? Why not? The emails, voicemails, etc., are obviously authentic (a fact that Hunter himself never denied), so how can they all be ruled out of bounds? The obvious answer is that the electronic records reveal a pattern of corruption that Biden can neither admit, because if he did so he might as well resign the presidency, or deny, since the facts contained in those materials cannot be refuted.

So poor Ms. Jean-Pierre can only look like a deer in the headlights as she parrots an untenable position.

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