The official presidential Twitter account for the Biden administration sent out a strongly worded tweet on Saturday urging oil and gas companies to lower the price that Americans are paying for gasoline — as if it’s as simple as changing the numbers on the sign at gas stations.

Joe Biden and his team of incompetents want the oil and gas industry to decrease prices to “reflect the cost [they’re] paying for the product” — in other words, to not make any money — in order to save the Democrats from a bloodbath in November.

People on Twitter with smarter economic minds clapped back at Biden with some brutality. My PJM colleague Rick Moran pointed out some of the most prominent examples of pushback on Sunday, including a notable tweet from Jeff Bezos.

Rick also gave the White House a reality slap of his own when he wrote, “Biden apparently doesn’t know that gas station owners are mostly independent small businesses whose razor-thin profit margins make it impossible to willy-nilly lower prices at the pump just because the president orders them to.”

But when an entire industry issues a brutal, clever response to an ignorant tweet from the president, it’s a pretty rough burn.

Check it out:

Sick burn, guys!


The U.S. Oil & Gas Association (USOGA) is also actively and unequivocally calling for the Securities and Exchange Commission to end its climate disclosure regulations after last week’s Supreme Court ruling in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency, and on Independence Day, the account tweeted a quote about using the natural resources of the U.S. to enrich the lives of Americans.

The USOGA is fearlessly speaking the truth and calling out the lunacy of the Biden administration. Good for them!

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