Proud Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson (yes, he’s still fiercely proud of co-founding The Lincoln Project) has apparently been hearing from a friend of his that Florida is going to hell in a hand basket. Or, at the very least, Nazi Germany in a hand basket:

First of all:

We’re just as shocked as you are, Kate. Maybe by “friend,” Rick means “dude who only hangs out with me because I pick up the tab with my ill-gotten grifter money when we go out for expensive meals.” We could totally see Rick buying friends.

In any event, Rick Wilson needs to find better friends who aren’t as stupid as he is.

And quite possibly stoned out of his mind.

Does Rick’s “friend” own a Confederate cooler, too?

Rick Wilson lives in Florida, remember. Does that make him a Nazi sympathizer? Or at least a Nazi enabler?

And that’s really saying something.



Rick Wilson goes after ‘shameful, petulant, d*ckless wonders’ Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham — and throws in some homophobia while he’s at it

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