The Biden administration is in political peril but they can at least rest easy in the knowledge that they’ll inevitably get some PR assistance from Washington Post “conservative” writer Jennifer Rubin. Today’s example involves Vice President Kamala Harris, and it seems that Biden’s already being moved to the back burner:

Or better yet, “was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!”

The column closes this way:

Harris also counseled that “we all know that history has never been an unbroken line toward progress; that even when we have advances, there will be setbacks.” She was blunt: “In certain times, those setbacks being more drastic than in others … There’s so much strength in what we achieve, but there is also fragility. So we must be vigilant.” She added that “it’s the nature of it, so do not despair. Do not be overwhelmed.” Her closer should be the mantra for Democrats: “Do not throw up our hands when it is a time to roll up our sleeves.”

Part prosecutor. Part campaign organizer marshaling the most powerful case against the GOP (extremists threatening freedom). And part no-nonsense parent. Harris seems to be channeling her mother, who she often says would respond to complaints about unfairness with: “So what are you going to do about it?” That’s a formula to get Democrats back on track and capitalize on Republicans’ egregious overreach.

Rubin’s column caught the eye of Harris’ comms team, which really appreciated the much-needed assistance:

Maybe Kamala Harris could also lead the party in delivering redundant and bumbling speeches.

Yep, please go with Rubin’s suggestion, Team Biden.

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