Vice President Kamala Harris stepped up in front of several microphones in response to the Highland Park shooting and seriously didn’t have a lot of meaningful words to share.

Harris did visit with an agenda, she has called for Congress to renew a national assault weapons ban in response to the shooting. As Kamala has called for a ban before, she has also failed to wow the masses with her speeches.

Kamala Harris has a growing collection of quotes that are eligible for mockery. In fact, it is hard to determine which are actual quotes and which are just memes in her honor.

It is hard to be wrong when no one can quite make sense of what has been said.

Kamala Harris arguably delivers her words well, with emphasis that leaves an audience ready and willing to latch on to her words.

It’s the words, though, that are often found to be lacking.

With a POTUS like Joe Biden, who often blunders public appearances, it would be nice to have a VP with a solid presence for media appearances. No such luck though. Like seriously, what is going on?

Surely someone should be prepping VP Harris for these speaking engagements, particularly since her performances are drawing such ridicule.

Seriously, the Biden Administration, featuring a POTUS notorious for gaffes, and a VP spouting meaningless fluff is increasingly difficult to take seriously.

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