There’s a fake email allegedly from former President Donald Trump going viral that bashed podcaster ‘Lyin’ Joe Rogan” and ‘Gutless Ron DeSantis.”

In other words, catnip for libs:

Here’s what the fake email says:

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
Hearing that Lyin’ Joe Rogan doesn’t want me on his podcast. He said he was asked more than once to have me on. LIES! He asked ME many times but I said no. He would be lucky to have America’s greatest President as a guest! It would be record-setting and a smart business move for Spotify. Lyin’ Joe would rather have second rate President like Gutless Ron DeSantis on his LOW RATED show.

The original is still up with over 10,000 likes, and counting:

Too good to check!

The fake email is, however, in response to comments made by Joe Rogan where he said he’s refused to interview Trump multiple times:

Video here:

And Rogan did praise DeSantis last week:

But, sorry libs. No reaction from Trump, at least not yet.



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