According to authorities, the suspect in the Highland Park mass shooting on July 4th had been in Wisconsin while on the run from police before returning to Illinois, where he was arrested:

The gunman accused of attacking a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, killing at least seven people and injuring 30 more, drove to Wisconsin after evading initial capture, police say.

Robert E. Crimo III, 22, fired more than 70 rounds with an AR-15 style gun into the crowd and then evaded initial capture by dressing as a woman and blending into the fleeing crowd, police said Tuesday. He was arrested Monday evening after a brief police pursuit.
During a news conference, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said Crimo traveled into Wisconsin prior to being arrested.

“I don’t want to get into how we know he was in Wisconsin, but I do know he traveled to the Madison area before turning around and coming back to Illinois,” Deputy Chief Chris Covelli said.

With that in mind, NBC News’ presidential historian Michael Beschloss floated a theory for why the gunman would have initially fled to Wisconsin:

Why? Here’s the theory:

Wait, what?

That was certainly a take.

Since when does the lefty media allow reality to cause them to rethink their desired hot takes?




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