Rhode Island Democrat state Sen. Tiara Mack twerked in a TikTok encouraging people to vote for her and, after receiving criticism for the video, she released a series of posters with phrases such as “#Twerkfor trans rights” and “#Twerkfor intersex justice.”

In the video, the state senator says, “Vote Senator Mack!” before she begins twerking as a voice says, “That ass, that ass.”

The TikTok received major attention after the Twitter account Libs of TikTok reposted it with the caption, “Rhode Island State Senator Tiara Mack (D) made this video encouraging people to vote for her. She also sponsored a bill for teaching kids ‘queer inclusive, pleasure-based sex ed.'”

Mack, a 2016 Brown University graduate who describes herself in her TikTok bio as “RI State Senator D6 ✨ Rugby player 🏉abortion funder 💚Black & queer✊🏽,” has posted other controversial TikToks.

In one video she asks, “How many nip slips am I allowed to get on the Fourth of July?” and a voice responds, “You already have three.” In another, she and a friend say, “Eat the rich, go to the beach.”

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on the TikTok, calling Mack the “future of the Democratic Party.”

Mack began fundraising off of the video on Wednesday.

She retweeted a post by Run For Something co-founder of Amanda Litman, who said “trolls” are criticizing Mack not because of the twerking video, but because “she’s a young queer Black leader & a fierce champion for repro rights.”

Mack seemingly laughed at her critics.

“I forgot the Supreme Court owns my body. Sorry for twerking. End Hyde. Fund abortion,” she wrote, adding, “Please read: Sorry not sorry.”

On Thursday, Mack released a series of posters based on her video. 

“#Twerkfor abortion justice,” one proclaims.

“#Twerkfor Black Girl Magic,” another states.

Lenny Cioe, another Rhode Island Democratic state senate candidate,  responded to the twerking video by attempting to twerk himself and telling Mack that she is “in far better shape” than him.

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