A president struggling around 40% isn’t a Biden problem. It’s the new normal.

A graffiti image in a northwest Washington, D.C. neighborhood in July 2022.

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You might’ve heard Joe Biden’s having a rough summer.

Actually, he’s lumbered through 11 straight months of unpleasantry.

After excising the most polarizing president in history from the White House, it took the 46th president just seven months for a plurality of Americans to sour on him.

Aug. 31, 2021 is marked by the data-crunching site FiveThirtyEight as the precise day Biden fell under water. You can see the the trajectory since; it’s only gotten worse.

A chart by FiveThirtyEight pinpoints when Biden fell under water.

Monmouth University released a poll of 978 adults on Tuesday. It found that just over a third — 36% — approve of Biden’s work in the White House.

Biden’s dip into negative territory late last summer came after what was widely seen as a calamitous — if not overdue — exit from Afghanistan. Then came the fall’s rippling supply shortages coupled with gradually rising prices for goods and services.

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