Chris Pratt’s action-packed Amazon series “The Terminal List” — about a Navy SEAL commander on the hunt for those who took away people he cared about most — has proven a massive hit with “red-blooded Americans,” as one reviewer concluded.

Indeed, Rotten Tomatoes shows a whopping 94% score for the series from your everyday audience members. But critics? Well, it’s safe to say they don’t hold that opinion. They give only a 38% score for “The Terminal List.”


As with most things out in the culture these days, the crux of the dislike appears to emanate from a difference in politics.

For instance, the Daily Beast’s headline shouts that the series is “an unhinged right-wing revenge fantasy.” calls it an “alpha male cry for help.” EW’s assessment is that Pratt’s “version of traumatized seriousness is all vacant stares and bicep rage.” The Hollywood Reporter says the “target demo” watched the series in order to see “patriotically waving flags” and “substance-free military jargon.”

Audience members haven’t been swayed by the critics a bit, however. The following are but a few examples:

  • “The difference between the audience score vs critics score tells you everything you need to know about this series,” one audience member wrote, adding that it “doesn’t shove political correctness down your throat (which is what gets you high critics score)” and that “red-blooded Americans will love it. The silent majority will love it. Wokesters will hate it. Ten thumbs up from this guy.”
  • Another audience member wrote, “DO NOT READ CRITICS[‘] reviews; it is clear they are biased against a show that only represents military life without wokeism in it.”
  • “I have a simple rule,” another audience member wrote. “If a show or movie makes good content without interjecting left-wing ideology and politics, I support it. I genuinely hope they make a season 2.”
  • Another audience member opined, “The critics once again show how out of touch they are with the average American. They got it completely wrong, and it’s been fantastic to see them called out for it. Their opinion mean less and less with each passing day.”

The Terminal List – Official Trailer | Prime Video

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

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