If you’re a user of Facebook who happens to also be conservative, you may have noticed that you don’t see news stories from conservative outlets in your feed as much as you might expect, considering how popular and prolific outlets like The Daily Wire and Townhall are.

Weird, right? What’s the deal with that?

Well, for what it’s worth, you haven’t been imagining things. According to former Facebook engineer Ian Haworth this is a thing with Facebook, as evidenced by Facebook’s treatment of the Washington Free Beacon’s story on the Biden administration’s taxpayer-funded “safe smoking kits,” which included, among other things, crack pipes:

“Highly false.” That’s just a fancy way of saying “an inconvenient wrench in our preferred liberal narrative.”

More from Haworth:

Silicon Valley uses fact-checking organizations to shield itself from responsibility and wash its hands of political pressures to focus on financial objectives. Meanwhile, organizations like Lead Stories can pursue their financial and ideological hobby horses. Indeed, Lead Stories says the “bulk of our revenue originated from our work done as part of Facebook’s Third-Party Fact Checking Partnership” in 2021, through its self-described focus on “trending stories,” adding that “Facebook pays us to perform this service for them but they have no say or influence over what we fact-check or what our conclusions are, nor do they want to.”

Fact-checking organizations enjoy independence regarding “what [they] fact-check or what [their] conclusions are,” but that independence is dangerous when we consider their partisanship and the enormous power Silicon Valley has handed them.

The protective cycle of evasion makes recourse impossible. When the fact-checker doesn’t care, and the Big Tech platform doesn’t want to know, there is nowhere else to turn. The fact-checkers know this, allowing them to profit from the fact-checking system while using their relationships with Big Tech to exert control over the political narrative. But it is also worth noting how futile their efforts are: The Free Beacon report on crack pipes spread everywhere despite the best efforts of the Facebook hall monitors.

It’s small comfort to know that Facebook’s team of fact-checkers was unable to completely crush the Free Beacon’s story. If anything, that’s just a testament to the integrity of the Free Beacon’s reporting.

And to the lack of integrity of Facebook’s fact-checkers.

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