We regret to inform you that President Biden went to Cleveland yesterday to give a speech. In the words of one of the album’s Robbie Robertson’s songs on The Band’s incomparable second album, “Look out, Cleveland, the storm is comin’ through.” Democratic Senate candidate Tim Ryan didn’t need the warning to absent himself from the proceedings. He was hidin’ from Biden in order to keep up the pretense that he hasn’t contributed to the Biden disaster.

The White House has posted the transcript of Biden’s remarks under the heading “Remarks by President Biden on the American Rescue Plan’s Special Financial Assistance Program.” I heard the audio of Biden asserting that “Republicans do nothing to obstruct our efforts to lower your gas taxes…” We know that’s not what he meant to say. The official White House transcriber has dutifully inserted the required correction: “While Republicans do nothing to [but] obstruct our efforts to lower your gas taxes.” Thanks for clearing that up.

Biden corrected himself on this slip (the “[sic]” is in the transcript): “Let me close with this: We’ve made incredible cogress [sic] on the — progress on the economy from where we were a year and half ago.” I think he had it right the first time around. It’s almost like Freud is asserting his sway in Biden’s fading mentality. Biden has made incredible cogress on the economy. Happy days are here again.

The excitement must have unnerved Biden when it came to promoting more spending: “Well, there’s another bill that, if we get it passed — and my guys are working like hell to pass it — it’ll create another $100 million [billion] in investments in Ohio, creating more jobs. (Applause.)” Let the good times roll. Woo hoo!

I count Biden assuring his friendly audience eight times: “Not a joke.” I think that is a dead giveaway. It’s a joke.

My guess is that sending Biden out on the road and putting him on public display is a loser. Is the constant attribution of blame to Republicans (see above) and “the ultra-MAGA Republicans” (query the difference between “MAGA Republicans” and “ultra-MAGA Republicans”) and Putin (“We got a long way to go because of inflation and because of the — I call it ‘the Putin tax increase’ — ‘Putin’ because of gasoline and all that grain he’s keeping from being able to get to the market”) the least bit persuasive? I don’t think so. It is infuriating. He is replaying the Social Security and Mediscare of old. (Social Security is on the ropes all by itself.) The Biden show is a reminder that he is not up to the job and that his policies have instigated and/or exacerbated our most grating problems.

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