MONKEYPOX patients have complained they are experiencing the ‘worst pain of their lives’ as the bug continues to spread.

The UK currently has 1,235 cases of the illness, with the World Health Organization (WHO) scheduling an emergency meeting on the outbreak.


Cases of monkeypox continue to rise globally with health chiefs holding further meetings on the outbreakCredit: Getty

Infections are also rising in the US, where there are now 605 cases, with California being the worst hit with 117.

One US man said that when he arrived unwell at a hospital in Washington, medics had no idea what to do, and were even Googling his condition.

The biologist believes he caught the illness from a gathering of OnlyFans creators.

As part of the event of a few dozen people, Alex said they had been filming sex scenes.

Monkeypox cases jump by 14% with 1,235 detected as health chiefs issue warning
New monkeypox symptoms discovered - the 11 signs you must not ignore

He said he went to medics with ‘the worst pain of my life’, and believes three other cases may have come from the event, NBC reported.

It comes as the WHO revealed there is now 6,000 cases confirmed across 58 countries.

Speaking at a press conference, the UN health agency’s director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said testing remains a challenge – with probable cases not being picked up.

“I continue to be concerned by the scale and spread of the virus.

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“My teams are following the data. I plan to reconvene the emergency committee so they’re updated on the current epidemiology and evolution of the monkeypox outbreak, and implementation of counter measures.

“I will bring them together in the week of July 18 or sooner if needed,” he said.

Brits have already been warned to heed caution when it comes to  summer events,

In the UK, the majority of the cases have been seen in London – which holds 692 infections.

Medics recently revealed that patients attending sexual health clinics in the capital are experiencing symptoms that have not been seen in previous outbreaks.

Most people who get the illness will usually have cold and flu like symptoms such as a fever and headache – before a rash appears.

Experts looked at 54 monkeypox patients who tested positive during a 12 day period in May this year.

The 11 signs of monkeypox you need to know

Experts at the UK Health Security Agency have said all Brits should be on the look out for key signs and symptoms.

The signs may include:

  1. Fever
  2. Headache
  3. Muscle aches
  4. Backache
  5. Chills
  6. Exhaustion
  7. Night sweats
  8. Cold-like symptoms, such as congestion and runny nose
  9. Swollen lymph nodes
  10. Swollen groin
  11. Rash

Medics said that complications of the illness were documented as:

  • low mood
  • severe pain
  • conjunctivitis

They found that patients in London were predominately presenting with skin lesions in the genital area – with tiredness and fever being lesser symptoms compared with previous outbreaks.

All the patients in the study were symptomatic and presented with some sort of skin lesions.

Analysis found that 94 per cent had at least one skin lesion on the genital or perianal skin – signs that have not previously been noted.

Around 18 per cent did not report any symptoms before they recognised they had skin issues.

Dr Ruth Byrne, from the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, added that a quarter of patients also tested  positive for gonorrhoea or chlamydia at the same time as the monkeypox infection.

She added: “It is possible that at various stages of the infection monkeypox may mimic common STIs, such as herpes and syphilis, in its presentation.

“It’s important that sexual health clinicians and patients are aware of the symptoms of monkeypox as misdiagnosis of the infection may prevent the opportunity for appropriate intervention and prevention of onward transmission.

“Additional resources are urgently required to support services in managing this condition.”

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