Are we missing something here? Because the reporting and video make it pretty clear that Jose Alba, 51, acting in self-defense when he was attacked inside his store earlier this week:

Here’s the video. One, why is he at Rikers Island at all, and two, $250,000 bail for someone with no criminal history? Here’s the video (warning: graphic content):

He should just have let the guy beat the snot out of him?

Oh, and it gets worse. According to the New York Post, the girlfriend of the man stabbed to death also stabbed Alba, but she’s not facing any charges:

During the fight, Simon’s girlfriend allegedly stabbed the worker in the shoulder with a knife she had in her purse, according to Alba’s defense attorney — but she is not facing charges.

Bragg’s office, however, charged Alba, a dad of three who moved to the US from the Dominican Republic 30 years ago searching for a better life, with second-degree murder. He became a US citizen 14 years ago.

“It would not be that surprising that someone thinks that harm is going to come to them or that they are going to be robbed, particularly if the woman that you just got into a verbal argument with is also with this person, and ended up taking her own knife out of a purse and stabbing my client,” Alba’s attorney Michelle Villasenor-Grant said at his arraignment Saturday.

Still, the gal pal-instigator is free while Alba could go away for 15 to 25 years if convicted on the second-degree murder charge.

New York City councilmember Joe Borelli called out NYC District Attorney Alvin Bragg over the case:

New York City, you’re broken:

Jose Alba is the VICTIM here!

We trust that the grand jury will end this farce right quick, but he shouldn’t have to go through it all:



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