Remember when Terry McAuliffe allowed Biden to campaign for him? It was after the fake barbecue thing but BEFORE he danced around onstage …

And we all know how THAT worked out.

Hey, this editor (who happens to be in Virginia) is hardly complaining and would encourage President Biden to do the same for each and every Democrat running in November. Totally. And c’mon, you’d think the party with control of the White House would want the president to campaign for them, right?

Or not?

Watch this from CNN:

Ouch, Biden.

Super ouch.

We admit it.

We giggled a little at this.

Womp womp womp.

From TownHall:

If the highest-ranking member of your party is coming to the state you’re running in, there’s no reason not to clear the schedules and make an appearance happen in front of Democrat supporters, get some photos, and land some press with quotes from the “leader of the free world” saying how great you are. But this is Biden, and the normal conventions around campaigning don’t apply when his approval ratings are lower than Trump’s were.

Lower than Trump’s ever were.

This is gonna be fun!

Go ahead, Biden, campaign for your party.



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