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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Ragnar often found himself in situations that couldn’t be saved even by Riverdance or his preternatural gift for soufflé.

While we’re not quite in the home stretch for the November midterm elections, the end of the Democrats’ COVID-induced reign of error is in sight. At present, all signs point to the Republicans giving them an electoral shellacking but, hey, we’re never really outside the margin of magical mail-in ballots, are we?

While I have often cautioned about Republicans being overly optimistic about November, I am gradually moving toward the position that all the GOP has to do is get out of the way and let the Democrats defeat themselves.

Starting at the very top, this current crop of D.C. Dems is the largest collection of dullards they’ve ever had in power. They’re a bunch of pants-wetting demagogues who are completely devoid of any intellectual heft. Because of that, they’re dumb enough to believe the lies that their flying monkeys in the mainstream media continually tell for them.

The biggest lie is that the Democrat positions on major issues are wildly popular. It turns out that the issues that they’re most concerned with aren’t even that major to most Americans.

While Democrats are doubling down on climate cult madness and mainstreaming the transgender fringe, normal Americans are still overwhelming concerned with inflation, as Victoria wrote yesterday:

Joe Biden is conducting his presidency as if the Ukraine war, Liberal Order Reset, windmills, solar panels, packing the Supreme Court, and abortions for nine months were top priorities of the American people. But guess what? They’re not. Few Americans are buying what he’s selling.

A Harvard Harris poll reveals that the Left’s most ardently revered issues aren’t top-of-mind for normal Americans.  Indeed, the number one issue for Americans is Joe Biden’s inflation, followed by Joe Biden’s pre-planned high gas prices.

Not only have Team Biden and the rest of the Democrats continued to overlook the very real burden that inflation is on American citizens, they’ve spent most of the last year dispensing nonsensical macroeconomic lectures that were probably ghost-written by Paul Krugman to convince us that it wasn’t even real. It’s been a level of elitist detachment that’s egregious even for insulated D.C. types.

Over at our sister site Bearing Arms, Cam Edwards cites another new poll that finds guns, abortion, and climate change all coming in at five percent or under on the list of voters’ concerns.

It’s highly unlikely that the Democrats will get a grip on what really resonates with American voters anytime soon. The current power structure in the party believes that they are the arbiters of what should be important to the rubes in the hinterlands. Inflation isn’t a concern of theirs because they don’t live like the rest of us. Chuck Schumer isn’t hitting the local Kroger to buy bread on his rare trips home.

Even if they did wake up a little, it’s painfully obvious that the same people whose disastrous policies (Free money, everyone!) created the inflation mess haven’t a clue how to do anything about it.

They will continue to insist that their lunatic fringe progressive priorities are in sync with most of America.

In four months, they’ll find out just how wrong they are.

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