As Twitchy readers know, the New York Times is so excited to see a young Latina like Republican Mayra Flores rising up through the political world that they wrote a lovely piece about her, her ideas, and her bright future.


You knew we were kidding, right? Yeah, they actually wrote a nasty piece calling her ‘far-Right’ and pretending she’s some sort of extremist because she’s Hispanic and DARES call herself a Republican.

Gross, we know.

Luckily, James Woods was more than happy to drop the biased-AF-outlet with a one and a two:

She ran on family, hard work, and patriotic values.

Also known as kryptonite for our friends on the Left, in the Democratic Party, and the media (really, the same thing). Not to mention, our pals on the Left love to believe they own minorities and women, so she’s a double insult to them and they just can’t deal.

Woods with the final TKO:

Yeah, hypocrites.

If Mayra voted the way they wanted they’d ADORE her. We know it, you know, heck, THEY know it.


And yet, accurate.

Funny how that works, right?

And this is why the far-Left is losing.




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