As we told you earlier, Joe Biden briefly took to the podium today to try to sell the American people on his “Executive Order to protect access to reproductive health care.” He also took a moment to inform us that his economic policies are “moving the country in the right direction.”

And, ever the gracious leader, he made some remarks on the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. If you’ll recall, when the White House issued a statement ostensibly from Biden in which the president took the opportunity to blame “gun violence” for a murder that had nothing to do with gun violence (or gun control). It was a pretty terrible statement, to be sure. But as awful as it was, at least it was reasonably coherent, meaning we could understand the sentences we were reading (even if we didn’t agree with them).

But there’s absolutely nothing coherent about his remarks on Abe’s assassination. Don’t take our word for it; take his:

Come again?

For sure that part doesn’t make any sense. We’re no professional fact-checkers, but we feel like it would be pretty easy to find examples of weapons being used to murder people in Japan.

But what about the rest of it?

Transcript (we did our best):

“I think we have thus far have three thousand — I won’t [???] hold me to the numbers — 688 or, I mean, between three and four thousand cases. They have one. One.”


When he says “cases,” is he talking about assassinations? Or instances of weapons being used to murder people? Honestly it doesn’t even really matter at this point because in either case he’d be wrong.

We’re surprised he didn’t actually say that.

Not to mention counterproductive.

If gun control advocates’ arguments are predicated on stuff that even other gun control advocates know isn’t true, that suggests that when push comes to shove, gun control doesn’t actually have a leg to stand on.

Which means gun control advocates should probably take a seat. As should Joe Biden. Before they all hurt themselves.

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