Great Resetters (aka The Great Reset) is actually a real thing … this is scary stuff, you guys.

You know, a year ago we wouldn’t have believed any of this could be legit but the way things are going, man.

Take a gander at John Hayward’s thread and then tell us this isn’t infuriating AND terrifying, all in one.

The way they want us to live, not them.

The elite.

We are hearing more and more about this.

Easier to control poor and hungry people dependent on them.


We saw this firsthand during government lockdowns. Remember Nancy Pelosi’s ‘blowout’? Ralph Northam going maskless at the beach?


We have people like AOC who care more about being emotionally right than factually right.



The little people will have less, the elites will have MORE.

Socialists hate prosperity.

Think about that. His handlers (we know he’s not there enough to make his own decisions) want us moving less, doing less, and owning less.

Good gravy.

We’re heading to a lot of ‘why bother’.

This is true. Nobody seems all that shocked anymore when they go to the store and can’t find milk, butter, cheese, or baby formula. Almost as if we expect it and are surprised when the shelves are stocked.

Damn, this is depressing AF.

Told you guys, scary stuff.

People always say things like, ‘This is the most IMPORTANT election in our lifetime,’ but this November, they’re right. We just hope it’s not too late.



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