Democrats definitely have an M.O. when it comes to achieving their goals: when the law stands in their way, just override it with an executive order.

And that’s exactly what Joe Biden is trying to do:

“Protecting access to reproductive health care services” is just a euphemistic way of saying “protecting the nonexistent constitutional right to kill your unborn baby because abortion is overwhelmingly used as ex post facto birth control.”

What this Court has actually made clear is that there is not nor has there ever been a constitutional right to abortion and that policy with regard to abortion is something that should be left up to state and local governments rather than the federal government. But Joe Biden will never, ever be honest about that.

He’s lying.


It’s pathological with him.

Who’s “extreme” here, Joe? Supreme Court Justices who found that there’s no right to murder in the Constitution? Or purported “devout Catholics” who have absolutely no qualms about pushing false narratives in order to defend a federally sanctioned right to abortion?

Dobbs returns the power to legislate abortion to the states, where members of Congress are democratically elected. There’s nothing undemocratic about that.

Joe Biden is not being honest about the Supreme Court’s decision or about what democracy means — or about where he’s getting his information from.

No. But that didn’t stop Joe Biden from bringing it up. In his own special Joe Biden way, of course:

For what it’s worth, Joe Biden’s presidency should probably be terminated. It’s been on life support from the very beginning. It’s kind of enough already.

Actually it’s definitely enough already:

“End of quote. Repeat the line.”

That’s actually a really apt nickname for him:

That’s a lotta womens.

If Joe Biden thinks he presides over 50 straits and the District of Combia, that would certainly explain where his head is at. And where it isn’t at.

Let him stay in the District of Combia. He’s just not cut out for the real world.

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