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Last week we wrote about the new “polio outbreak” reported in the UK and around the world, and how it was likely yet another constructed narrative designed to sell yet more vaccines.

After all, it was reported that the market for polio vaccines had “stagnated” through 2021, and the first-ever vaccine granted approval under emergency use license by the World Health Organization was a new “triple-locked” polio vaccine.

In early June, the WHO granted Chinese pharmaceutical giant SINOVAC international approval for their new polio vaccine too. So, they had brand new products, but no one to buy them. The motive was there to create a population of ‘incentivised’ customers. That’s a simple mechanic of marketing we’re all very familiar with.

Since March, Israel has been running the “Operation Two Drops”, a polio vaccination drive (using that new “emergency use” polio vaccine), which apparently resulted in a huge increase in vaccine uptake in children of all ages.

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This program was reported to be “over” just yesterday, with the Jerusalem Post headlining that “Israel’s polio outbreak finally under control”. Just as with the Covid “vaccines”, Israel has acted as the world’s guinea pig.

Following the proclaimed  “polio outbreak” in London (yes, they’re actually calling it an outbreak despite literally zero reported cases) the UK government declared an “emergency” and laid plans to “increase vaccine coverage”.

The EU meanwhile has pledged to provide 40 million euros worth of polio vaccines to Afghanistan, And just today Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique announced they have already administered over 36 million doses of polio vaccines as part of a new joint initiative, despite the region reporting just two cases in the whole of 2022.

So, clearly, a big part of this is selling vaccines. A lot of vaccines.

But at the same time, some questions remain. In a world with an ongoing (fake) covid “pandemic” and an incipient (fake) monkeypox scare, why bring back polio of all things? What agenda can polio propaganda serve?

Well, the answer might be that it plugs important gaps in the Covid narrative. Take this article, from the Guardian

The discovery of the polio virus in Britain proves we can never let our guard down

It argues that just because we think a disease is gone, doesn’t mean it definitely has. Even if there’s no cases for literal decades, we must always be prepared for it to come back…

Do you see how this works?

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The article is seeding the idea that just because there haven’t been any actual cases in 20 years doesn’t mean we should halt vaccination programs. That’s an argument that can (and will) be used to give Covid jabs to kids in perpetuity. This article from the Times is even cleverer, headlining:

UK polio outbreak ‘is our price for obsession with Covid’

It claims that, in some ways, lockdown was “worse than Covid” for children, because it disrupted too much – including the polio vaccination program. This little narrative twist is designed for a very specific purpose – to corral covid sceptics into a pro-vaccine position. It’s very subtle propaganda.

Look”, they say, “maybe lockdown was a bit of an over-reaction and we got a bit obsessed with Covid. Sorry, our bad.

It’s perfectly understandable you don’t want to give your kids the experimental Covid vaccine – Covid doesn’t even affect kids much after all, does it?

But unfortunately – due to our own incompetence (silly us) – we’re now behind in our polio vaccinations. It’s OK to give your kids the polio vaccine…isn’t it?”

They cede that lockdown may have been “worse than the disease”, and criticise “our obsession with Covid” to get the sceptics on side, then they point to the supposedly neglected polio vaccination program as an aspect of criticising the government’s approach to Covid.

Just like that, wanting to vaccinate against polio becomes a covid sceptic position. And the same people who would never let their kids get the Covid shot are signing up to get them double-jabbed with another emergency use vaccine…only for polio.

Are these new polio vaccines safe and effective? Are they really necessary? Are they even really polio vaccines, not just covid shots with a different label? Or something else entirely?

We don’t know, and a lot of people won’t think to ask, such is the cultivated trust in the polio vax. It’s all about getting people “vaccinated”, and creating the cultural norm of regular state-mandated injections for “protection” against the disease du jour.

The “polio outbreak” is just a dragnet picking up all those who may have slipped through the Covid cracks. Either you take the clotshot for Covid, or you take smallpox vaccine for monkeypox or you take the polio vaccine…just to be safe.

In the end they just want everyone to get at least one vaccine, and it seems they don’t much care which. It makes one wonder if there’s some “secret ingredient” all three could have in common.

Photo by Kristine Wook on Unsplash. Article cross-posted from Off-Guardian.

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