The New York Post headline reads “Biden’s approval rating craters to 30% after brutal week.” Reading the same poll, RedState’s Nick Arama comments perceptively on the numbers in “Prepare for the Biden Tantrum.”

What more is to be said? The reported poll is one of registered voters. If it were filtered to reflect likely voters, I have to think the results would be slightly worse. On that point, we shall see.

I think that every time Biden makes a public appearance he loses ground. He is visibly infirm. He sounds stupid. How many times can he say “Not a joke” without someone giving him the hook. It’s a joke! If we set the over/under on his faculties, I would put it at 40 percent.

Biden’s themes are unpersuasive. “Putin’s price hike” and “We’re doing all we can” and “We have a plan” and “Happy days are here again” don’t cut it. Even the least among us know better.

The underlying theme that Biden and his spokesmen peddle endlessly is this: “It’s not my fault” (Biden) or “It’s not his fault” (his spokesmen). He refuses to take responsibility or change course. It’s unpresidential and deeply unimpressive.

It is also an irritating theme. We’re not buying it. Everything we see with our own eyes and hear with our own ears and remember from the recent past tells us that we are worse off than we were. We are headed in the wrong direction. It is too soon to rewrite history to support the Democratic narrative, as they always do. The time will come, but it hasn’t come yet.

Finally, Biden’s visible form makes aptly represents the weakness of his administration. Has there ever been a less impressive crew put in charge of the agencies of the executive branch? Perhaps Michael Barone could come up with one, but he’d have some work to do to persuade us.

And this doesn’t even get at the dissolution of our border and the covert redistribution of illegal aliens around the country. The border crisis remains a deep secret to everyone but viewers of FOX News. It means Biden might have room to go lower if word somehow gets out.

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