Breitbart News is reporting on multiple mainstream media outlets raising the red flag on Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney’s upcoming election; “Liz Cheney is in a lot of trouble,” CNN’s Harry Enten warned last week.

“Cheney should be regarded as the clear underdog in her efforts to retain her seat,” Enten adds.

“We shouldn’t mistake adoring press coverage and bipartisan bona fides for popularity in the place where popularity matters most for Cheney: Wyoming,” CNN says. “It’s no wonder that the betting markets give her less than a 10% chance of earning another term in office.”

The New York Times is also sounding the alarm, noting Cheney is soliciting Democrat votes in an attempt to overcome a large polling gap with Trump-endorsed challenger Harriet Hageman.

From The New York Times:

Polling suggests that she came into the summer trailing Harriet Hageman, her rival in the Republican primary, which will be held on Aug. 16. Last month, Ms. Cheney’s campaign sent mailers to registered Democrats with instructions on how to change parties ahead of the primary — a move that would allow them to vote for her.

Ms. Cheney had previously said she would not take such a step, and it is unclear how successful the gambit will be in a state where the number of registered Republicans dwarfs that of Democrats.

From Breitbart News:

USA Today took note of Cheney’s presence at the White House event and acknowledged its unprecedented nature. “It’s typically unheard of for a Republican lawmaker in the middle of a bruising primary fight to be seen at a high-profile White House event of a Democratic president,” the article said. “But Cheney, vice chair of the committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol, is an exception.”

The article also raised red flags as to Cheney’s lack of support with Wyoming Republicans, while being embraced by Democrats: “As she seeks a fourth-term to represent Wyoming’s sole seat in Congress, Cheney is at odds with most of the Republican Party – and a sudden hero to many liberals – warning last week that “Republicans cannot both be loyal to Donald Trump and loyal to the Constitution.”

Cheney’s absence from the Cowboy State has been a large issue in the voters’ minds. “She understands she has to campaign and earn the trust of voters — I would certainly like to see her here more,” state Rep. Landon Brown (R) told the Times.

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