By Twitter’s calculation, Joe Biden has nearly 38 million followers on Twitter. It’s almost enough to make me think that Elon Musk’s allegations about Twitter spam bots has something to it.

I found the classic example of Biden being Biden (with a little help from the operator of his Twitter account) to be of interest (below). Biden’s Twitter operator has mastered the art of impersonating Biden. You have to give him that much. The essence of the art as we have come to know it — the heart of the art — is blaming Republicans and disclaiming responsibility. The tweet is illustrative of a few of the points I made in “Biden’s descent continues.”

When Freddie Prinze turned “It’s not my job, man” into his catchphrase, it was a joke. When Biden repeats the shtick as president of the United States — “Not a joke,” as Biden would put it. He should take Prinze’s catchphrase as his motto.

I am not among the alleged 38 million Biden followers on Twitter. The New York Post draws attention to the Biden tweet in Allie Griffin’s story this morning. Griffin highlights this deflating response by sports talk radio host Mark Zinno: “Huh? I thought it was Russia’s fault.”

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